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I am an American freelance writer and former Capitol Hill staffer and lobbyist. In June 2009, I moved with my family to Frankfurt, Germany.   This blog is my way of sharing our new life with family and friends.  I hope you enjoy.




5 responses to “About

  1. Birgit Sale

    Hi Ellen,

    took the time and read all of it –
    and just love it!!
    Its funny how you made so many similar experiences – just the other way round.

    But be sure, when , at one point you will
    return to the US, it will start all over again, because you became used to our strange german style.
    That’s at least how I feel returning after 4 years in the US to “my” Germany again.
    It feels weird, and I have to get used to our german way of living again.

    Wouldn’t live be perfect, if we could take the best of both world an put it together?

    PS: In those 4 years I couldn’t get used to taste of the American milk – only bought the organic version! And I’m missing my large freezer too!!

    Looking forward to your next adventure!!

  2. Hi Ellen,
    Great meeting you yesterday.
    Found blog!

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