Italia xoxo

We just returned from what is now my 3rd trip to Rome and at least my 7th visit to Italy. Each time I leave Italy, I carry the same impressions: beauty and organized chaos. Some lessons you learn the hard way, like this time when we finished the Vatican Museums tour, we discovered that the only place to return the audio guides (and get your driver’s license back) is all the way back to the beginning, even though you are dumped out on the complete opposite end. If you haven’t been to the Vatican Museums before, it’s a must, but realize it has enormous masses of people in it at all times. So, having to go back to the beginning is like a salmon swimming upstream. But, even when those things happen in Italy there are so many other big and small experiences that make up for it. After all, how can you stay annoyed with a people who work out in your hotel gym wearing sunglasses and covered in sequins?


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