No English Spoken Here

I’ve gotten by these 2.5 years with a basic sense of the language here but since our stay in Germany has been extended to at least 5 years, it’s time I learn more German. My friend Maria decided the timing is good for her too so we’ve enrolled in a group course. Studying a foreign language in the home country of that language is different than doing it in the U.S. There is no English spoken to supplement understanding the material because everyone in the class is from all over the world. So, all is in German.

My resolve to study every night is not happening yet but I like to think (maybe dream) I could get to the stage my friend Kristin has. While we were on a road trip a few months ago, I witnessed a difficult but necessary phone conversation she had with a German consultant. Their disagreement stretched at least 10 minutes and she not only held her own, she won the argument, with great poise. Bravo, Kristin!!


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