Obsession or Necessity?

When I moved here two years ago, I remember a new friend telling me something along the lines of “Just wait, you won’t believe how many different coats you end up with.” I believed the perceived necessity but didn’t think I would really need to amass anything more than 2 or 3 coats and jackets while I was here.

Well, now it’s official, my coat collection is stretching the limits of our closets. And, the thing is, I use every single one of them, all 14 of them. There, I said it. And, that doesn’t even count the exponential number of sweaters for all 4 seasons. Oh, and the boots–wow, another collection. And, get ready, all of this still doesn’t seem like enough.

Part of the reason is I moved here from a climate that had 2 seasons: hot and not-so-hot. The only collection you needed was flip-flops for every occasion–designer, playground, exercise, beach, pool, etc. Once a year, there would be a little snow and the whole place would collapse in utter helplessness.

Now I live in a climate that can celebrate all 4 seasons in one day, in 10 minute increments. But, just to add some monotony to the process, it has the potential to rain 12 days straight. So, if you decide to put off that excursion until nice weather, you may wait a very long time. That’s why you just put on the right coat, sweater, and boots and get to it. Pretty soon, you’ll be sitting in a hail storm sipping tea on a friend’s patio and having a lovely morning.


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