Skin Cancer Sucks

I’ve gotten a disappointment this week.  Some of you know that I have battled with skin cancer since I was 28. I had something on my leg that appeared over the summer and my new doctor and I didn’t think it was anything more than an annoyance.  So, I got around to getting it removed a couple weeks ago and didn’t think much about it until I got the stitches removed a couple days ago.  The doctor informed my the biopsy came back as a basal cell, my old nemesis.  As an added bonus, I have one on my arm too.  So, that’s #10 and #11. Half of those have been on my face so I’m trying to be grateful that it didn’t happen again there.  The last round I had was 4 on my face and I had to have 2 days of surgery right after Jack was born. 

Whenever it happens, I think about how I got here.  I have Northern European genes that were never meant to spend hours every day on the tennis court and swimming at places like Hilton Head Island and the beaches of Lake Michigan.  Not to mention skiing, soccer, golfing, and all the privileges my parents provided. I wouldn’t trade any of it. I only wish we had known how important sunblock was. My mom’s whole family has had problems with skin cancer and, so far, I’m the only one of 4 siblings that gets it.

So, my little public service announcement is: wear sunblock and don’t worry, you’ll still get some color.  Make sure your sunblock does not have any chemicals because they are actually cancer causing estrogens.  Only use sunblocks whose “active ingredients” are zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. Any other active ingredient is a chemical so don’t use it.  Chances are good you won’t have my kind of trouble but at least you can avoid a few wrinkles.


4 responses to “Skin Cancer Sucks

  1. Kate Voelker

    You are right Ellen, skin cancer sucks—Burts Bees are on their way.

    Love you, Kate

  2. My husband has had skin cancer and gets mole mapping done every year. I hope they got everything!

  3. Susan Davis

    So sorry & hope you are okay. Susan X

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