My, They Change

A quick update on our favorite short people.  Nora is taking a tap-dancing class and has her first recital next week.  I’ve seen her rehearsals before bathtime at our house and I’m pretty sure this show is going to rock. Nora also has a case of the Madonnas. It’s much better than having swine flu but you just never know when she’s going to break out into a pseudo-English accent. The reason why this is happening is some of her classmates are from England, her teacher is from England, and her German classmates have also learned to speak English with an English accent. 

Jack turned 3 on November 21 and we celebrated pirate-style, since he seems to never be without a sword these days. I’ve gotten a spot for him in German kindergarten and he starts in January.  At a doctor’s visit the other day, our doctor noticed Jack was speaking in German, asking me to come look at something.  Once he starts German kindergarten, I’ll be hot-footing it trying to keep up with his language skills. Jack has also started singing with me at bedtime.  After prayers, I’ve always sung “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Rock A Bye Baby” to him.  Now he wants a duet which we do every night.


One response to “My, They Change

  1. Sweet stories…I’m glad they are doing so well! Ava still talks about Nora when we drive up Wade Ave. past your old street.

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