Jesus Liebt Dich

While we’re having a lot of fun here, the German attitude about things can still be glaring.  So, Gary and I have added to our arsenal.  I’m actually looking forward to my next unpleasant encounter so I can say “Jesus liebt dich.”  As you may have guessed, that means “Jesus loves you.”  I will say it with the drippiest sincerity I can muster.  It also has the benefit of being true, even for Germans.

Well, that sounds as if I don’t like Germans, doesn’t it?  There are several I personally like quite a bit and I think they like me. There’s just a particular brand of German that pops up in grocery stores and other places that you just want to smother with a pillow.


One response to “Jesus Liebt Dich

  1. OMG yes I want to do the same! How are so many people so unhappy and rude!! I’m sick of the stares like I have a third eye …I could go on and on.

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