Hair We Go Again

Since yesterday, I have been drenched in self-pity over a botched hair cut.  Well, technically, it’s a well-done cut.  But, it’s not the one I wanted. A few months ago, I decided to grow my hair longer and was now just getting to the length I wanted.  However, I needed to get things shaped up so I went back to a hairdresser who had given me a successful haircut earlier.  Her English is good (important since my German is bad) and she’s also skilled and friendly.  When I re-explained my goals, she seemed to remember and understand completely what I was saying.  However, by the time I left the salon–chop, chop– I was back where I started 3 months ago. Something was completely lost in translation!  

I decided today I had 3 options:

1. Sob into my pillow every night

2. Go back to the salon on a homicidal rampage

3. Google “quick hair growth”

After much deliberation, I went for the third option.  Up popped various theories on Vitamin E, B-Complex, et al.  But, the most interesting one to me was a tincture of Stinging Nettles. I became convinced this was my silver bullet and visited a health foods store in search of the cure.  Well, I found it.  It only came in a pack of 3 bottles and this stuff tastes like….hmmmm….if your dog wore underwear and you put it in a blender and added some water, there you go.


2 responses to “Hair We Go Again

  1. “…if your dog wore underwear…” Phyllis Richmond has nothing on you when it comes to descriptive food writing… I was crying I laughed so hard!

    Having recently undergone a 19″ chop, I *completely* feel your pain, Ellen. A stunningly beautiful sorority sister recommended Biotin, and as she looks younger than she did 20 years ago, I immediately followed her recommendation. It’s now been a little over a month of sporadic Biotin dosing, and I’ve made at least 2+ inches of progress on the hair front – with no “dog underwear” aftertaste. Nix the nettles and buy some Biotin!

    • Ellen Willson Hoover

      Hey E.B. Glad I gave you a laugh and I like that Biotin tip much better than the nettles!! I still admire your gift for Locks of Love. You are awesome!

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