It’s time to put this blog on hiatus. I’ve had so much fun with this but want to think more about next steps for my writing. Maybe I’ll come running back to this next week, next month, next year, who knows?  But I’ll wrap up a few details before I leave off: 

1. No, I haven’t run across Frau Zilla again. If I ever do, I’ll be sure to gently inquire about her mental health.  By the way, driving manual is like second nature now and I do my best to imitate Jason Bourne without all the car crashes and police chases.

2.  I’ve decided to return to the sauna and go native.  The way around it is just keeping a towel with you….and avoiding anyone who faintly resembles our landlord or Nora’s teacher, or…..

3. My time here so far has confirmed the old wisdom that people are people the world over.  Except I think there will always be some wide gulfs of understanding. Like when I filled out a school form for Nora from the German Health Department.  I was puzzled to see that Nora being left-handed is considered a “physical disorder” and lumped in the same category as diabetes, heart trouble and asthma.  Maybe they aren’t aware several U.S. Presidents such as Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, and Obama are south-paws.  I think they’ve all managed just fine. Anyway, I decided not to check the box for her particular “disorder” just in case some bureaucrat would decide she’d have to wear a little sign saying “My Right Hand is a Useless Appendage” or “My Left Hand is Defiant.”

So, for now, that is all.  If you’re on facebook, I’ll let you know if I decide to start up again.  If you’re not on facebook, on the right column of this page is a “Subscribe” feature.  If you click on that, then you should be notified if I do more posts. Hopefully that feature works.  Thanks for keeping up with us on our journey and stay in touch.


9 responses to “Hiatus

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your blog.

  2. Sorry to see you go! It’s been so fun reading your adventures, but I’m sure I’ll get the stories third-hand from Mike and Laura.

  3. Nancy and Ed

    HI Ellen and Gary!
    We have enjoyed your writings and your “settling in” to your foreign life. We think you have done beautifully. All the best to you in your writing decisions.
    Have fun in South Bend! All should be well there by the time you arrive!

    Love, Nancy and Edward,V

  4. I’ll miss your blog! I’ve loved it. Hope you’ll be mass-communicating in some other way soon.


    P.S.–I sympathized all the way across the ocean with your watching the Starbucks coffee spill! Awful! Are there any coffeehouses around you? Or are those pretty much confined to Austria/France/Italy?

    • Ellen Willson Hoover

      Thanks, Lea. The coffee spill was slightly tragic. No, hardly any coffee houses but there are a lot of cafes which serve ok coffee and tea but it’s not the same as Starbucks or Helios.

  5. I, too, have really enjoyed your blog and feel like it’s been a little window into your new and exciting world. You’re such an eloquent writer and really put a nice spin on everything, even if it was rude, outrageous or just plain silly. I’ll miss hearing about all your advenures via the blog but will look forward to catching up soon.


  6. Ellen…I’ll miss reading your blogs. They’ve kept me entertained and envious at the same time. Hope you’ll post another every now and then! Tell Nora hello from us!

  7. Ellen, I miss your blog, you had me laughing out loud at times with some of the well written visuals and wishing I could live in Europe too, as an adult! I spent all my summers there growing up but I don’t think I ever realized how fortunate I was until much much later. Can I start over again? I hope there is a novel in the making someday 🙂
    Tell Gary, Norah and Jack I said hello

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