Hang on, Kids!

Last weekend, we took Nora and Jack to a local amusement park called Lochmüle, a place that throws Caution out the window, stomps on it, and like any good German institution, puts it in the recycling bin.  I’ve never seen a theme park that has boats that go airborne and lets children get on a wooden raft to float down the river with a big stick like Huckleberry Finn. It was like a training ground for Hollywood stuntmen. And, let me tell you, it was FUN!!  No, we didn’t send Nora and Jack on the dubious ones but even the safe ones had an edge–like the mini ferris wheel whose gondolas tipped forward on the slightest exhale.  I should also mention this ride could only be powered by someone riding on a connected bicycle. Some really nice dad pumped and wheezed the whole time Nora and Jack rode it.  Our friend Ray joked: “Careful, don’t let him look you in the eye or you’ll be sitting there next!”  

The lawyers in Disneyworld would break out in hives at the mere sight, but this creaky park, while surprising at points, was also a refreshing antidote to the hyper-litigious world back in America. Gary and I laughed thinking the park should have a sign at the entrance that said “Accident free for the past ___ hours.” No, we didn’t see anyone getting hurt, just lots of people having a good time. Oh, and they serve beer too.


2 responses to “Hang on, Kids!

  1. All right–that first sentence just cracked me up! Excellent.

  2. Hilarious! You are such a brave momma. The beer probably helped though.

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