Party Time

Every weekend, I look at event calendars and my eyes widen with awe.  From what I can see, all over Germany, all the time are festivals.  Everything from the famed Oktoberfest, to whisky, guitars, and Elvis is celebrated.  Our own village, Königstein (im Taunus), hosts several per year. We’ve already attended our village’s Burgfest up at the castle and I hear the Jousting Festival in May is outstanding. 

Last weekend, we checked out two festivals while we had our first houseguests, Gary’s brother Mike and his wife Laura. Everything turned out opposite of what I expected.  The first festival we attended was Laternfest (Lanternfest) in Bad Homburg which showed signs of being very special with events like a children’s lantern parade.  But, what we saw turned out to be a huge, brassy carnival, crammed with drunk teenagers. We ditched the festival and settled into a tasty Italian restaurant instead. The next day, there were a few other festivals to choose from and we set our sights on one in Frankfurt because our guests hadn’t seen much of the city yet.  The only problem was this festival sounded like a real snoozer: Museumfest (!).  As we rode the train into the city, I wondered if our first try at entertaining house guests in Germany would be a total flop.  

It turns out, Museumfest was a winner and that’s probably because we never set foot inside a museum. We just strolled through the happy crowd, along the river Main, watching boat competitions and tango dancers, stopping only for ice cream for Nora and Jack, a biergarten for pils and curryworst, and topped it off with a visit to a leafy playground. It was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. I imagine during our time here that we may find ourselves at other Laternfest-like events but that’s OK because it’s all part of the adventure, right?  And, I give points to anyone who throws a party.


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