On the Radio

When we decided to move to Germany, one of the many things I looked forward to was listening to the radio and, hopefully, hearing artists that were new to my American ears.  When I lived in Ireland back in college, the songlists were almost totally different from back home and it was so entertaining to learn a culture that way.  Well, fast forward to 2009 and, of course, with instant communication at our fingertips, the world of music leaps between the continents with far greater ease.  So, a lot of the artists on the radio here are the same ones dominating the airwaves back in America….Pink, Eminem, Katy Perry, blah, blah…But, I have run across a few artists that are new to me and I have no idea if they crossed over to America since I’ve been gone: Milow from Belgium, Gabriella Cilmi from Australia, and Mando Diao from Sweden, are a few I can think of now that have some great songs.

The radio has offered a couple other surprises too: Rush Limbaugh is on live during the evenings here –which I’m sure pleases half of you (I’m in that half) and disgusts the rest.  And there is also a radio station serving all American troops based in Europe, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  So memories from home can be constant, if you’re listening for them. But, my strongest impression on the radio came yesterday on a German station that usually plays regular pop music.  For some reason, they were playing an entire album from Rhonda Vincent, one of my bluegrass favorites. The way she turns a phrase can stop me in my tracks and I was overwhelmed to hear her.  My drive lasted long enough to hear 3 songs and it’s good that it wasn’t any longer.  Otherwise, someone was going to have to write another sad bluegrass song to describe how I was feeling just then.  Really, I am starting to love living in Germany and I’m always excited about what the day will bring.  Yet, still, homesickness can slap you on the face like a rogue wave.


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