Cherry Blast

My new friend Valerie, who is American, mentioned she had cherry trees in her yard and invited us to come pick them the other day. So along with one of her daughters and the neighbor-boy from next door, we took turns climbing a ladder and picked and I gained an enhanced appreciation for all fruit pickers of the world.  After the first 5 minutes, it’s not the bucolic activity that it promises to be.  After that, the real fun started. Little did I know, Valerie had planned to lead us through pitting the cherries, making a crust, and turning it all into a beautiful pie from scratch.  We also made made scratch cinnamon rolls. Then when Nora and Jack discovered an apple tree in the yard, Valerie whipped out an old-fashioned peeler that turns a whole apple into a curly-q. Wow! The day had already been great fun but now Nora and Jack were ecstatic. At that moment, I wanted to throw my hands in surrender and turn my children over to Valerie. That, or steal her apple peeler. Really though, Nora turned to me and said “This has been the best day ever” and I was so glad to hear it. Then Valerie’s great friend Andrea came by and her Chicago accent made me wistful for home but so happy to be here at that moment.  By the time we finished, Valerie’s kitchen was covered in cherry juice, red footprints tracked the tiles in the living room, and all our hands were stained a deep crimson. It was a great day.


2 responses to “Cherry Blast

  1. Ann l. Molenda

    Love your blog stories. Loved hearing about Jack’s German! And I do have an old fashioned apple peeler – thanks to Bob. It is yours for the asking. Love, Mom

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