Things That Seem Normal Now

1. Looking in my wallet and finding Euros

2. Taking quick showers (water costs a fortune here)

3. Driving stick shift–I no longer require absolute silence from my passengers ūüėČ Nora and Jack never went along with that anyway.

4. Emptying what can be described as a “sleeve” every time the dryer finishes a cycle. ¬†German dryers don’t have a connecting pipe to send the excess water away. So, you have to pull the sleeve out and dump the water into a sink.

5. Having a tiny freezer.  Have to grocery shop much more often.

6. Putting a euro coin into the grocery cart to release it from the corral.  No coin, no cart.

7. Bagging my own groceries while the clerk zings them with astonishing speed.

8. Driving around and seeing castles everywhere.

9. Free childcare at Ikea and a couple other stores. ¬†Woo hoo! ¬†I’ve had to go to Ikea several times now to buy and exchange light fixtures and a few other things. ¬†Nora and Jack actually get excited to go there except some mean little girl slapped Nora on the face today.

10. Gelato, soft pretzels, and gummy bears everywhere.  Easy treats within reach as I drag Nora and Jack along errands.


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