Feast Day

When we purchased my car (Mercedes wagon–like it!) from Kevin and Karen, it was a really friendly transaction.  They are being transferred to Shanghai and now they could check it off their To Do list.  We could check it off our list too. Everyone was happy.  A couple weeks later I get an email from them asking if we would like to come over for a meal and to meet several of their friends who have 6 year old daughters that attend Nora’s school. Sounds good! We decided to meet right after our return from Bavaria.

The meal was yesterday and I think I’m still full.  It turns out Karen and Kevin are real cooks and they somehow prepared a feast for 21 of us while they get ready to leave for Shanghai in a few days.  Their friends are real cooks too and provided divine salads and even sushi from a Korean family. As we digested our food over discussion such as where to buy a pair of 700 euro shoes to the location of the tiny English language cinema, we listened to their trio of dogs howl to passing sirens.  One is alto, one tenor, one bass. 

Then Kevin announced to the group that he was placing us in their care and he was going to miss everyone terribly.  China will not allow them to bring any sort of food or liquids, so they opened their cupboards and we all thanked them for their hospitality and proceeded to loot their kitchen. I was satisfied with a bag of Goldfish (Jack’s favorite), a can of pumpkin pie filling, a bottle of Vodka and other random items.  Then Karen didn’t think I had enough and started filling up another bag for me. Karen loves to laugh and wants to take care of everyone. That she did. Everyone left with arms, bellies, and senses full.  I’m sorry to see Karen and Kevin go but feel lucky to have known them this brief time. And, now Nora knows 4 other girls that could be classmates.  Gary now has a group to play basketball with on Monday nights (beer afterward), and Jack and I picked up a few more friends too.


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