U2, Baby

We’d been waiting since March for the U2 Berlin show and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, if you’re thinking, “naah, I hate stadium shows,” lose that thought.  If they’re coming to your vicinity, go get yourself a ticket. Get some for everyone and go.

I’ve been a fan for ages it seems but, didn’t fall in love with the new album so I wondered if the show would be worth the time, effort and expense.  I’ve seen them a couple times before and thought maybe that was enough. But, I also remembered that U2 wrote many (maybe all?) the “Achtung Baby” songs while staying in Berlin.  I knew this city was special to them and was eager to see the city myself.  So, we left Nora and Jack home with a new babysitter and flew to Berlin Saturday morning.  

A band like U2 could easily get sloppy and lazy.  Spectators know the songbook by heart so U2 would hardly even need to sing at their own shows.  But, not these guys. They are absolute pros but with no sign of arrogance. They were just as happy to be there as the rest of us. And, they like surprising each other too which was fun to see.  Of course, there was a plug toward the end for their “One” campaign but it wasn’t too heavy-handed preachy.  

One of the best moments was hearing “Unforgettable Fire” one of my personal favorites that never gets much play.  But, above all, hearing “(Pride) In the Name of Love” while in the Olympiad Stadion, home of Hitler’s 1936 Olypmics, was an amazing moment.  Of course, savvy gentleman that they are, there was no mention of the dark past under der Fuhrer. But, being a newcomer, it was the first thing to pop into my mind. 

After the show, we decided to hang out in the Biergarten for a drink, thinking we’d miss the surge of people getting on the U-bahn (train) out of there.  Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to have the same idea so we were shoe-horned into a train-car for the long trip across town to our hotel.  Funny part is that particular U-Bahn line is called the “U2.” http://www.u2.com/news/title/berlin-show


2 responses to “U2, Baby

  1. Elizabeth Leonard

    Hi Ellen,
    It’s been fun to read about your adventures in Germany! Bob and I have tix to see U2 in Atlanta in October, and now I can’t wait for the show!
    Take care, Elizabeth

    • Ellen Hoover

      Hey Elizabeth–I hope you have a great time at the show–it’ll be hard not to! Glad you’re enjoying the blog too. It’s fun to keep interested parties posted this way.

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