Body Count

In a space of about 2 minutes, I managed to kill three pieces of electronic equipment. It all started when I plugged in my iPod stereo using just an adaptor and….it worked!  So, using that scientific data, I figured all of our smaller gadgets would only need a plug adaptor and not a converter.  So, I excitedly plugged in Nora’s CD player and her alarm clock, as well as Jack’s sound machine–both he and Nora (back in the day) have always napped to the “ocean” setting. And, to my delight, everything worked.  Ok, onto the next project… and then, I smelled something kind of bad.  Really bad.  I looked over at the quiet CD player and then to the alarm clock, which had lost it’s electric glow.  I rushed around to unplug everything and prayed I hadn’t torched the house too.  

I will call in to my defense: myself.  What would you do if every single item you own was just dumped out of it’s boxes and into your house? That’s the way the German movers do it which, on one hand, I like because you don’t have to mess with disposing the boxes and paper yourself.  But, the initial stage after they’re done is complete chaos. After a few days, I was craving some sort of order and I thought plugging in those gadgets would be a quick fix. Sadly for the gadgets, it wasn’t.


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