Recycle This

Some of you may laugh to hear I’m recycling because, I’m sure to some people’s dismay, I wasn’t always on the bandwagon. I love my planet as much as anyone else but my main opposition was that so much of the recyclables were being dumped in landfills because there was a downturn in demand. So, everyone was busy, busy sorting and it was being floated on a barge to a landfill in China anyway. But, a few years back demand increased so I started to recycle and am glad to do it.  But, recycling in Germany kicks things up to a whole new level.  They are obsessive about it here and it requires a whole new set of sorting devices and systems for one’s household. It’s truly painful but I’m getting used to it.  Surprisingly, I’m seeing the wisdom in it too. But, here it goes….

1. One bag for plastics, metals, and coated paper.  You must rinse everything off but since things still get stinky, you need to empty it daily into a larger one kept in the basement. When the large one is full, I drag it down to the garage until pickup twice a month.

2. Another bag for plain paper.  Another large one kept in basement.  When the large one is full, I drag it down to store in the garage until pickup once a month.

3.  Another for trash. After all this sorting, our trash load is quite small compared to what we did in the States.  

4. one bucket for glass items–kept in basement and then sorted and deposited into receptacles a few minutes from our house.

5. Another bucket for returnable plastic bottles, which you bring to the grocery store.

I’m going along with this and even trying to embrace it. Just please promise me, after all this effort, it isn’t floating toward a Chinese landfill.


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