It happens every time I have to go into a certain basement storage room.  This room has Gracie’s doghouse and her bed which arrived with the movers.  Because of those things, this room also has her scent. I always feel a wave a sadness when I catch that scent.  As many of you know, I had my grievances with that dog.  She was stubborn, hyper, and not very good with the children.  But she also once was the puppy we adopted 12 years ago.  I’m sad that she’s gone. Gary is even sadder still.

Some of you may not know, Gracie died on the day we were supposed to be flying together to Germany.  It was sudden and very painful for her. After it was over, I realized we would see all of her things when our container arrived.  And, sure enough, when I noticed the movers had set up her house in our backyard, I rushed over and asked them to dismantle it and get it in the basement.  I didn’t want Gary and  the kids to see it.  I also searched for the huge bag of dog food and her bowls. One of the moving guys has a “hund” and he showed us it’s picture as if it was a newborn baby.  We gave him the bag of food. I have Gracie’s collar hidden way back in my bedroom closet. I’ll give it to Gary.


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