Moving Day (part 3)

Part 1 was in Raleigh and Part 2 was moving into our hotel apartment.  Tomorrow we’re moving into our house but, alas, the truck with the rest of our life is not arriving until next Tuesday.  That will be part 4. 

Our house does not have internet access yet and we haven’t bought a TV yet. There are few lights since Germans take all that stuff with them. I assume I will have shakes and tremors of electronic withdrawal within 15 minutes.  Well, we are supposed to get our internet service completed by Saturday so that is a great comfort. 😉  

The apartment has been a good rest stop but it’s time to get in the house even though that means camping out for a few days. I’ve gotten to know our neighbor across the street who is British, has 3 boys, and appears to be the same age. She’s married to a German guy so is now a permanent resident. Very nice and loaning us real mattresses and linens to sleep on! Oddly enough, we’ll be a little sad to leave our apartment life. We have this nice little routine–downstairs for breakfast, feed the ducklings across the street, then take care of another German bureaucratic issue; Get lunch and bring it to a playground. On the way back to the hotel, stop at an outdoor mall (pretty) that has delicious gelato and I practice my dusty Italian with the Italian staff. Then carry sleeping Jack out of the car to his bed for a nap. Then dinner, then play outside along the river. But it will be good to create our real home in Königstein, which is even nicer of a village than I realized when I was there with Gary in March. A real fairytale land.


One response to “Moving Day (part 3)

  1. Keep us posted with your adventures. I am loving it.

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