German engineering

Yes, German cars are fantastic.  I’ve been driving an Audi Q5 rental for the past 2 weeks and keep having to remind myself that there are children in the car with me.  It’s so fast and the Autobahn is so tempting.

Yet, I have found one thing that German engineers have completely failed to master: the grocery cart. It is a disaster.  Every time I grocery shop, it is a constant battle to get it to move forward.  It only wants to move to the right side so I’m so busy wrangling the cart that it’s hard to focus on what I’m actually trying to do there: get food. 

I’m so intrigued by this issue that I’ve actually sat in my car in the parking lot watching others try to maneuver their carts. I wonder why everyone seems to accept it. Do they like the exercise? Do they consider it a challenge? Or, do they feel they must be punished?  These are big questions.


3 responses to “German engineering

  1. Oh, the joys of all-wheel-drive grocery carts. I think Germans purposely make entrances to stores on an incline so they can watch all the people wrestle with the carts down the hill. Have the little old ladies bumped you repeatedly from behind with their carts yet? Don’t you feel like hoarding all your 1 euro coins just so you have one to pay for the carts?

  2. Sorry to hear about the crazed cart, but I love the story.

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